Human Resources

Comet Engineering, corporate business principles have been created to continue the development of the company in a sustainable growth. The principles ensure that solid dynamic structures are established by understanding the realities of today and perceiving the possible formations of the future.


Basic Corporate Business Principles

• A clear business understanding based on transparency,
• Creative, efficient and effective business management,
• Effective communication and continuing education environment,
• Innovative and developing way of doing business,
• Use of current technology,
• Customer oriented working approach,
• Working environment based on love and respect,
• It is defined as being a company that is sensitive and respectful to the beliefs and core values of the society.
• In line with company policies, Comet Engineering implements the Performance Development System, which is based on goals and competencies to establish a high performance organization. With this system, where business and personal goals are taken into consideration together, the efforts and success of the employees in evaluating their powers, responsibilities, duties and goals are evaluated.


Comet Engineering competencies are:

• Objective Analytical Power
• Clarity of Purpose
• Applicable Creativity
• Guiding People
• Developing People
• Influencing People
• Building Trust
• Commitment to Team Work
• Being Market Oriented
• Taking Initiative

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