Since 2015, COMET Engineering has been providing turn-key with Industry 4.0 compatible industrial automation and machine - production line - fixture / apparatus for your needs, complete automation solutions with innovative and high technology.

Understanding the Need

Comet Engineering was established in a 20 square meter office by Özgür Mutlutürk and Yasin Evmez, with more than 20 years of experience in the Design and R&D departments of companies operating in the private machinery sector. In accordance with Industry 4.0 requirements, it designs solutions such as sheet metal processing lines, assembly machines, test apparatus, robot integrated AS / RS systems for the Automotive, Machinery, Medical devices, Logistics and White Goods sectors, and carries out on-site installation. Many of the R&D activities performed were examined by TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB, and were found suitable for the scope of R&D and innovation supports.

New Generation Solutions

It is our indispensable passion to offer innovative engineering solutions in our design works. Our aim is not only to produce machinery, but also to be a strong solution partner for our domestic or international customers in various sectors. Our R&D activities work for the right solutions in the area required by the customer or the industry.


In 2016, our first projects, Toyota Door C Frame Profiles Production Line, Toyota CHR Rear Door Handle Production Line, Fuel Lid Lock Automatic Assembly and Lubrication Line were completed. In these projects, we ensured the right product production without the need for an additional quality control process of the products produced by our machines with image control integration. This also eliminated operator-induced errors.

In 2017, our efficiency-oriented projects, Automatic Mold Exchange and Storage System, Toyota Door Handle Assembly and Testing machines were completed. An important R&D has been realized with the software we developed to optimize the model change process, which is out of the process as much as the process efficiency and which is always ignored, to save factory space and to fully synchronize with the ERP system used by the customer.

In 2018, Inovalf company was established in the field of valve and valve production and serial production started. Thanks to its design skills, the design of butterfly and globe valves, which are their own industrial designs, was started for the valve industry. In Comet Engineering, with the Assan Hanil Asd Seat Assembly Line project, we ensured the flow and control of all processes that were applied manually by the operators both before and after assembly under a single software. A lot of data, such as the data of all the parts entering and exiting the assembly line, the knowledge of the working operators, the results of the tests performed, the values of the pressures made, are integrated into the factory ERP system with the product. Here, our software solution is an introduction to Big Data and artificial intelligence applications.

Inovalf and Comet Engineering gathered under one roof by moving to a new factory area of 1,500 square meters in 2019. Seat Sensor Production Line for the first time produced a variety of process equipment with integrated image processing-machinery-manufacturing optimization coordination issues we've applied a solution in Turkey. Inasoft company was established as an incubation company in line with customer demands and Industry 4.0 needs in the field of automation systems and software, with the developments in technologies and electronics added to our machines.

Our Strategy

To keep our product quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level and to develop steadily.